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Digital Signage Store Planning
Digital TV & the LobbyPOP Concept
July 18, 2007
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As we provide information in this blog to fulfill our goal to create “Better Retail Through Education and Technology,” we must share what we can about the LobbyPOP premise and platform. Over the coming four years, we anticipate great growth in the arena of “video signage” and predict that the “traditional” sign industry will also […]
Digital Signage Retail Marketing
Sign Companies as Branding Machines
June 20, 2007
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Branding machines, such as ad agencies, media companies, marketing firms, sign companies, and brand managers, must be great at keeping up with the trends, spotting trends, utilizing the latest technologies and knowledge, to help build those consumer brands….  So we,visual communicators, must brand ourselves as “In the Know” for the coming decade… as part of the “Brand Building […]
Retail Marketing
What is Retail Marketing? Part 2
May 17, 2007
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Retail Marketing is, at its most fundamental, the push of sensory stimuli in the retail environment to engage a decision to buy. The sensory stimuli are events that reach through noise and clutter to engage the consumer. Knowing this, is it any surprise that sign design professionals have become far more expert in this craft than even […]