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We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby, From Sneaker Net!
October 13, 2011
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We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby, From Sneaker Net!
It seems like just yesterday we were discovering the world of dynamic signage, and loading up our content by manual transmission, ie, flash drives and DVDs, aka, using the “sneakernet.” With a DVD or VHS network you have what is called a “SneakerNet” – can be prone to human errors. Just look back to 2009, […]
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Introducing Store Visual Planning, Part 1
October 28, 2006
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Welcome to the blog site for Today we will introduce the basics, starting at the front door, so to speak: Entrance Zones – what are they? You first need to understand the current traffic flow of your store and develop a plan that will encourage customers to shop your entire store with their attention […]