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Tell Your Story – Part 1
October 19, 2007
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People like stories.

They like to read stories and they like to hear stories. Stories enable us to visualize things that are incredibly difficult to grasp otherwise. Good marketing stories paint a picture. They make us want to learn more.

Thus, if we want to get people intrigued about our services, if we want them to be able to tell others about what we do, if we want to carve out a niche for ourselves, we need to create a series of great marketing stories.

Signhugger Series "Once Upon A Sign"

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Excellent marketing stories don’t scream, “I WANT TO IMPRESS YOU!” They don’t scream, “BUY MY SERVICES NOW!” Rather, good stories give the reader or listener the warm feeling of being taken on an interesting trip. And if the story is well constructed, at the end of the journey, we’re going to be impressed. We’re going to be interested. We’re going to want to take the next step in the sales process.

And that’s why the most successful brand marketers tell stories, and why the most successful video sign content has a narrative…

Part 2, next: Most Successful Story Ever


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